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Metraprogramming Ruby

On the everlasting mission of becoming a better developer, I’ve read ‘Metaprogramming Ruby‘ by Paolo Perrotta. The book gave me some great insights and inspired me create some more cheat sheets for my big secret cheat sheet project. For now I’ve created two and will post the first later this week. For those interested in […]
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Fantasy Books and simultaneous reading

In my free time I like to read Fantasy and Science Fiction books. Though Fantasy is my preferred genre I did read quite a lot of SF pockets lately which I got from my father in law. My girlfriend is, just like here father, more of a SF reader so I tried to convince here […]
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HTML5 For Web Designers

Just finished ‘HTML5 For Web Designers‘ by Jeremy Keith. It is a short but comprehensive guide into the world of HTML5. If you haven’t,  like me, took the time yet to dive into HTML5. This is definitely a great start and a must read. For those who are already experimenting with HTML5 and regularly visit […]
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If you are explaining something …

And your public is not grasping what you try to explain. Big chance you are suffering from ‘The Curse of Knowledge’ knowledge from ‘Made to Stick’ by Dan & Chip Heath
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Pragmatic Programmers Magazine

Most of the programmers I know have read one or more books from ‘The pragmatic programmers’ and if they didn’t the have probably heard of the publisher. What I myself didn’t know is that they also publish a free magazine every month I haven’t read anything yet, but I didn’t want to keep this […]
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