Structuring my free time

Because there are too many things I like to do and because I also find myself spending a whole night in front of the television and wondering afterward what I’ve seen, I’ve decided to structure my free time a bit more. It seems quite contradictory to structure your free time, but the last years I’ve found that if I don’t do it – at least a bit – I won’t get anything done. I need to set goals for myself and apply some basic structure to work towards those goals.

So to take the bull by the horns I’ve declared Tuesday evening as my “learning evening”, Wednesday as my “blogging evening” and Thursday as my “pet project evening”.

To keep up in my line of work it is necessary to be informed, almost constantly, about the latest developments. To do this well I really need several hours of dedicated reading and practicing (Tuesday). Because I believe that writing about what I learn makes the info more stickier and raises my own understanding, also I might even end up helping other people (Wednesday). I also want some reserved time to work on personal projects and implement what I’ve learned and maybe written about in my pet projects (Thursday)

What do you do to make sure that you keep up and how do you make sure that you spent enough time at it. Enlighten me :)

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