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Structuring my free time

Because there are too many things I like to do and because I also find myself spending a whole night in front of the television and wondering afterward what I’ve seen, I’ve decided to structure my free time a bit more. It seems quite contradictory to structure your free time, but the last years I’ve […]
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Fantasy Books and simultaneous reading

In my free time I like to read Fantasy and Science Fiction books. Though Fantasy is my preferred genre I did read quite a lot of SF pockets lately which I got from my father in law. My girlfriend is, just like here father, more of a SF reader so I tried to convince here […]
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HTML5 For Web Designers

Just finished ‘HTML5 For Web Designers‘ by Jeremy Keith. It is a short but comprehensive guide into the world of HTML5. If you haven’t,  like me, took the time yet to dive into HTML5. This is definitely a great start and a must read. For those who are already experimenting with HTML5 and regularly visit […]
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If you are explaining something …

And your public is not grasping what you try to explain. Big chance you are suffering from ‘The Curse of Knowledge’ knowledge from ‘Made to Stick’ by Dan & Chip Heath
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Pragmatic Programmers Magazine

Most of the programmers I know have read one or more books from ‘The pragmatic programmers’ and if they didn’t the have probably heard of the publisher. What I myself didn’t know is that they also publish a free magazine every month I haven’t read anything yet, but I didn’t want to keep this […]
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